Akasha CBD Infused Single Cup Coffee - 25mg Per K Cup

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  • Type: (species): Arabica
  • Origin: Kenya, Guatemala, Sumatra
  • Process: Washed & Natural
  • Tasting notes: Brown sugar, Cocoa, Berry, Spice
  • Other active ingredients: Full-spectrum Organic Hemp Cannabidiol (CBD), *noTHC* . Guaranteed anaylsis 0.00 THC.

An exquisite concoction of different coffees from around the world, Christopher Bean's AKASHA CBD-Infused Coffee is every coffee lover's euphoria. This exotic blend of three extraordinary coffees—Sumatran, Guatemalan, and Kenyan beans—produces a smooth, robust flavor enhanced by citrus, berries, and spices.

Harvested from the tropical island of Sumatra, Indonesia, the Sumatran coffee acts as a base for the Akasha, with its rustic flavor and low acidity.

Balancing the blend is one of South America's best-tasting coffee from Guatemala, unleashing its floral, aromatic character to the Akasha mix.

For final touches, Christopher Bean decided to add up some African flavor all the way from Mount Kenya. This coffee is sweet, syrupy, fruity, and nutty; just the perfect cherry on top of the cake.

Created from the mystics of the narutal world, the Akasha coffee by Christopher Bean is the ultimate health-and-wellness beverage.

Your favorite coffee. Made even better.


Organic hemp CBD-infused coffee created with no artificial flavors or genetically modified (GMO) ingredient.


Our excellent line of coffee products is well-known for their rich, full flavors of different origins and recipes.


All products by Christopher Bean are manufactured without causing significant harm to the environment.

& Convenient

Prepared in easy-to-use single-cup pods and designed for the health-conscious and the on-the-go consumers.

Testing Processes

Our CBD-infused coffees undergo rigorous third-party lab testing to eliminate any strands of the harmful psychoactive agent THC.

& Tested In The U.S.

Christopher Bean's product lines are the roasted, manufactured, and packed in the U.S. with compliance to the highest standards.

a world-class


Approved and tested by 3rd party laboratories to ensure uncompromised quality of coffee beans, full spectrum hemp CBD oil.


Verified by the Non-GMO Project to be a true organic product with no modifications made to any component used to manufacture this product


All parts of our production process has been awarded and certified by the ISO to be strictly compliant to international standards

Akasha's Blessings in a Cup

Air, Fire, Water, and Earth—elements that make up the very fabric of existence. These components of the universe are bonded by the omnipresent Akasha, an ethereal representation of health and wellness. Know Akasha's spiritual story and how it can benefit you.

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*This product is compatible wtih K Cup brewers.
**This product is currently being shipped within the United States only. International orders are not accepted.

DISCLAIMER: Cannabidiol is a psychoactive substance widely acknowledged by its users, and even by some medical practitioners, to have therapeutic properties.
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), however, has not recognized CBD's medical benefits. CBD, or any products infused with any of its components, are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.