Akasha is Universal

Akasha, for our purpose, represents the constant element where health and wellness flow. It is the binding energy among all the four elements of the physical universe: Air, Fire, Water, and Earth.

  • Akasha binds all the four elements, ensuring the equilibrium of nature
  • It enables the elements to work hand-in-hand to sustain the plants that yield abundant food and juices
  • Finally, a well balanced Earth—with the help of Akasha—produces coffee and hemp, which has been employed as natural remedies for thousands of years

Health and wellness are two complementary aspects that support natural life, and they are products of the pervading power of Akasha.

Akasha is Balance

It is through Akasha that we receive the wisdom to preserver balance—health and wellness—in order to guarantee the binding element for optimum health.

Akasha connects everything in the universe. The highs and the lows, the superior and the inferior, Akasha bridges these cosmic gaps. Through this universal interconnections, Akasha induces a healing experience, predominantly in the subtle realm of thoughts.

Akasha is Knowledge

By the help of all-natural products like coffee and hemp, we seek to unfold the hidden passages in our consciousness that connect us with Akasha.

Coffee and cannabis (hemp) are widely considered to be "teacher plants." In this way, our blends being enriched wtih Akasha, we endeavor to provide our patrons with the most beneficial knowledge that comes from the ethereal element.

Christopher Bean's holistic approach to natural products helps us understand, emulate, and spread akashic Knowledge throughout the world. Through the inspirational guidance of Akasha, we seek to select and preserve products of unparalleled quality.

With our new coffee blend, you may experience a healing incursion into the realm of thoughts - a glimpse of Akasha's boundless knowledge.

Akasha is Endless

The principal characteristic of Akasha is Shabda, the substratum of the essence of sound. Everything in the universe resonates vibration, and for this reason, we present our new CBD-infused coffee with a touch of vibration messages from Akasha.

We have faith that our products in line with Akasha can open an channel of consciousness within you. Through our specially concacted blend, we want our customers to meet Akasha, a feminine embodiment of life, health, and wellness, during an insightful journey that has the potential to change the very course of one's life.

Introducing a coffee line that transcends.

Our determination to contribute to the health and wellness of our clients brought us closer to create a future line of products that will benefit them in totality — physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

AKASHA is the first of our Plus series, and we aspire to present several blends that complete a seqence of interconnected compnonents.

This sequence of products bears different characteristics that may empower the seeker according to his visionary experience.

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